Continuing Education Courses for Dental Personnel

Now you can select from a wide assortment of C.E. courses. You study at your own pace at your convenience, in your home, saving valuable time and money. Avoid the inconvenience and cost of meetings and seminars.

Each course specifies the C.E. unit credit you’ll earn. Your cost is only $14.00 per C.E. unit.

Click Here for per state breakdown of our DDS and AUX license approvals and requirements.

Guarantees And Disclosures

  1. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our course material, you can return the course within 90 days (before a certificate is issued) and receive a prompt and full refund (less shipping and handling). All courses must be completed within 12 months from the date of purchase.
  2. In a hurry for your course? 2-day UPS, add $15.00 extra; next day UPS, add $25.00 extra.
  3. You need 70% correct score on the final exam. If you fail, you can retake the exam one more time; after that, you’ll have to take another course.
  4. After that, you’ll have to buy a new course. The completion date on your certificate is the date we receive your exam. Allow 5 working days for the mailing. To help you meet your deadline for the certificate, we offer 24-hour Express Service and Fax Service. Details included in your course material.
  5. It’s the licensee’s responsibility to make sure that the CDE course is suitable for acceptance by the respective dental examining board.

Course Requirements

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Information and Online Availability

Home Study Courses for Dental Personnel – List of Courses

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N Course text and test are not available online
Y Course text and test are both available online
(Test Only) Only course test available online

Price: $14.00 per C.E. Unit

List of Courses

Course #: 6584 Course Title: Managing Dental Trauma in Practice (Test Only)
Course Objectives & Outline
Online Course #: 96584 CE Units: 7 Subject Code: 310 Approval #: 07-3425-20584
Course #: 6696 Course Title: Child Taming: How to Manage Children in Dental Practice (Test Only)
Course Objectives & Outline
Online Course #: 96696 Subject Code: 430 Approval #: 08-3425-20696
Course #: 6684 Course Title: Understanding Periodontal Diseases
Course Objectives & Outline
Online Course #: 96684 CE Units: 8 Subject Code: 490 Approval #: 08-3425-20684
Course #: 6609 Course Title: Successful Periodontal Therapy
Course Objectives & Outline
Online Course #: 96609 CE Units: 8 Subject Code: 490 Approval #: 08-3425-20609
Course #: 6678 Course Title: Aesthetic Dentistry (Test Only)
Course Objectives & Outline
Online: ( Test only) Online Course #: 96678 CE Units: 7 Subject Code: 780 Approval #: 07-3425-20678
Course #: 6674 Course Title: Clenching and Periodontitis
Course Objectives & Outline
Online: Y Online Course #: 96674 CE Units: 2 Subject Code: 490 Approval #: 490 02-3425-09674
Course #: 6676 Course Title: Clenching: The Tooth Killer
Course Objectives & Outline
Online: Y Online Course #: 96676 CE Units: 3 Subject Code: 180 Approval #: 180 03-3425-09676
Course #: 6581 Course Title: Clinician’s Guide to Oral Health in Geriatric Patients
Course Objectives & Outline
Online: (Test Only) Online Course #: 96581 CE Units: 7 Subject Code: 752 Approval #: 752-07-3425-12581
Course #: 6583 Course Title: Common Geriatric Oral Conditions
Course Objectives & Outline
Online: Y Online Course #: 96583 CE Units: 6 Subject Code: 752 Approval #: 752 06-3425-09583
Course #: 6663 Course Title: Composite VS. Amalgam
Course Objectives & Outline
Online: N Online Course #: N/A CE Units: 5 Subject Code: 251 Approval #: 251 05-3425-1163