Aesthetic Dentistry (Test Only)

Course Description

Implant Dentistry at a Glance

Course Contents

Chapter 1                       Smile Dimensions

  1. Compare the two levels of aesthetics.
  2. Discuss the importance of aesthetics related to color and size,
  3. Define the golden proportion.
  4. Describe black triangles.
  5. Describe a pleasing smile
  6. Discuss replacement of gingival tissue.
  7. List several moral issues when discussing treatment for an “ideal smile.”

Chapter 2                       Shade and Color

  1. Define hue, chroma, value and color sphere.
  2. Discuss the color variances of teeth.
  3. State several methods of selecting the right shade.
  4. Describe the computer-based shade-taking systems

Chapter 3                       Bleaching and Microabrasion

  1. Define bleaching and microabrasion.
  2. Compare localized and generalized tooth discoloration.
  3. Discuss how trauma changes the color of a tooth.
  4. Discuss methods of superficial stain removal.
  5. Discuss speckled mottling and brown mottling.
  6. Compare hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide.
  7. Discuss research on bleaching of tooth surfaces.
  8. List side effects of bleaching.
  9. Compare indications and contraindications to vital bleaching.
  10. Discuss the clinical technique for bleaching and the recommended review appointment routine.
  11. Describe the “walking technique” used in non-vital bleaching.
  12. Discuss the technique for non-vital bleaching.
  13. State the advantages and side effects of bleaching a non-vital tooth.
  14. Describe a vacuum-formed splint.
  15. Describe several other bleaching techniques.

Chapter 4                       Laminate Resin Composite Techniques

  1. Compare advantages and disadvantages of directly placed resin composites.
  2. State the clinical stages for small and moderately sized restorations.
  3. Discuss polishing techniques for a restoration.
  4. State the clinical stages for restoring the size and shape of the teeth.

Chapter 5                       Porcelain Laminate Techniques

  1. Compare the indications and contraindications for porcelain laminate veneers.
  2. Compare advantages and disadvantages of porcelain laminate veneers.
  3. List the nine stages of tooth preparation for porcelain laminate veneers.
  4. Describe a luting procedure.
  5. List the finishing and maintenance procedures

Chapter 6                       Technical and Laboratory Considerations

  1. Compare metal ceramic crowns and all-ceramic crowns.
  2. Discuss tooth preparation for a crown.
  3. Describe the four systems used to produce metal-free restorations.
  4. Compare the two types of provisional crowns, the resin replica technique and preformed provisional crowns.

Chapter 7                       Aesthetic Compromises and Dilemmas

  1. Discuss informed consent.
  2. State why porcelain laminate veneers fail.