Dental Assistant I

Course Outline

The object of this course is to give the dental assistant a review of dental procedures she or he is currently performing in the dental office. It is assumed here that the dental assistant has been working for two-plus years and is knowledgeable about the dental office routine. This course will deal with techniques and problem-solving areas the dental assistant faces every day.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course you’ll be able to:

  1. Define a true cyst versus a pseudocyst.
  2. Distinguish between odontogenic cysts and non-odontogenic cysts.
  3. Distinguish between the relative growth potential of different jaw cysts.
  4. Predict which cysts need careful follow-up because of potential recurrence.
  5. Recognize clinical presentation of the different cysts.
  6. Recognize radiographic presentation of the different cysts.
  7. Know which anatomical sites are likely locations for various cysts.
  8. Know the appropriate treatment for the different cysts.
  9. Prepare sedative dressing.
  10. Perform coronal polishing of patient’s teeth.

Course Contents

Dental Assisting I


  • First Contact

Operation of Dental Radiographic Equipment

  • Areas of Concern
  • Dosimeter Badge

Developing X-rays by Sight Method

Taking the X-ray

  • Third Molar X-ray Technique
  • Maxillary Posterior Teeth
  • Bisecting-Angle Technique
  • Anterior Periapical Incisal X-ray
  • Bitewing X-ray
  • The Finger-Roll Method of Placing the Bitewing X-ray

Dental X-rays for Children

  • Rule of Thumb
  • Possible Problems
  • Monster Face Technique
  • Occlusal X-ray
  • Lateral X-ray
  • Important Points
  • Possible Problems
  • Mounting X-rays


  • Tray Technique

Chairside Assistance

  • Review

Anesthetic Injections


Rubber Dam Placement

  • Materials

Amalgam Preparation

Matrix Band

  • Materials

Sedative Dressing

  • Amalgam
  • Rules of the Road

Temporary Sedative Dressing

  • Materials
  • Procedure
  • Possible Problems

Prophylaxis – Coronal Polishing

  • Materials
  • To Review
  • Possible Problems