Continuing Education for Nursing Home Administrators

Homestead Schools, Inc. is an approved provider of continuing education to nursing home administrators. California BENHA CEP No. 1457. Exp. date October 31, 2025.

To see approved programs, click on List Of Courses above. You’ll receive the course consisting of a text and post-test. Upon successful completion (70% passing score) you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion.


  1. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our course material, you can return the course within 90 days (before a certificate is issued) and receive a prompt and full refund (less shipping and handling). All courses must be completed within 12 months from the date of purchase.
  2. In a hurry for your course? 2-day UPS, add $15 extra; next day UPS, add $25.00 extra.
  3. The completion date on your certificate is the date we receive your exam. Allow 5 working days for the issuance and mailing of your certificate. To help you meet your deadline for the certificate, we offer 24-hour Express Service and Fax Service. Details included in your course material.
  4. You’ll need 70% correct score on the post-test for the successful completion of the course.
  5. It’s the licensee’s responsibility to make sure that the course is suitable for acceptance by the respective board.

Customer Comments

This was an excellent course. I have been Director of Social Services for over 10 years in Nursing Homes & learned many things I did not know. This should be required study for all nurses & social workers & administrators in Nursing Home with a required 2 year review & test. It would strongly improve organizational performance with concrete policies & procedures for all staff to follow with the residents is care primary & not staff is preference, convenience & money being primary.

–Laura Johnson

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List of Courses

Course #: 3606 Course Title: Nursing an Hispanic Patient
Course Objectives & Outline
Price: 57.95 Online: Y CE Units: 10 Approval #: 1457010-8365/P
Course #: 3607 Course Title: Anxiety
Course Objectives & Outline
Price: $55.95 Online: Y (Test Only) CE Units: 10 Approval #: 1457010-8400/P
Course #: 3737 Course Title: Nursing Procedures
Course Objectives & Outline
Price: 69.95 Online: N CE Units: 10 Approval #: 1457010-8366/P
Course #: 3695 Course Title: Osteoporosis
Course Objectives & Outline
Price: 39.95 Online: Y CE Units: 10 Approval #: 1457010-8367/P
Course #: 3632 Course Title: Anger Management
Course Objectives & Outline
Price: $55.95 Online: Y (Test Only) CE Units: 10 Approval #: 1457010-8399/P
Course #: 3930 Course Title: Pain Management
Course Objectives & Outline
Price: 55.95 Online: Y CE Units: 10 Approval #: 1457010-8368/P
Course #: 3627 Course Title: Alternative Medicine
Course Objectives & Outline
Price: 59.95 Online: Y (Test Only) CE Units: 10 Approval #: 1457010-8397/P
Course #: 3945 Course Title: Pain & Symptom Management in Cancer Patients
Course Objectives & Outline
Price: 63.95 Online: N CE Units: 10 Approval #: 1457010-8369/P
Course #: 3630 Course Title: Panic Disorder
Course Objectives & Outline
Price: 25.95 Online: Y CE Units: 10 Approval #: 1457010-8370/P
Course #: 3780 Course Title: Patient Advocacy and Ethical Nursing Practice
Course Objectives & Outline
Price: 28.95 Online: N CE Units: 10 Approval #: 1457010-8372/P