Treatment for Chronic Depression

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the unique features of Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy that distinguish it from other psychotherapy programs
  2. Discuss the relationship between cognitive-emotional development and the interpersonal-social psychopathology of chronically depressed patients.
  3. Identify the specific psychopathological mechanisms of chronic depression.
  4. Describe the historical development of understanding depression and the course pattern of chronic depression.
  5. Administer the Situational Analysis process in treatment.
  6. Discuss the use of a disciplined personal relationship with a patient in treatment.
  7. Measure the effectiveness of treatment.
  8. Identify the training required to be a CBASP therapist.
  9. Identify the distinctions between CBASP and other cognitive therapies.
  10. Discuss means of resolving common patient problem and crisis intervention techniques.