Substance Abuse

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Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the process of addiction and the symptoms of each stage.
  2. Explain how denial affects the substance abuser.
  3. Understand the importance of rituals in a substance abuser’s life.
  4. Describe the physiological effect of alcohol on all organs and major systems of the body.
  5. Describe the symptoms of withdrawal.
  6. Develop a nursing plan for the substance-abuser patient.
  7. Explain four myths about alcoholism.
  8. List five characteristics of the substance abuser.
  9. Describe the characteristics of a co-dependent.
  10. Have knowledge of the different kinds of treatment programs that are available.
  11. Describe how the intervention process is carried out.
  12. Describe the behavior in a dysfunctional family.
  13. Describe the progression of recovery.
  14. Describe a child’s development in a dysfunctional household.
  15. Explain the concept of relapse.

Course Contents

Learning Objectives


  1. Process of Addiction
  2. Biological and Physiological Factors
  3. Drug of Choice
  4. Medical Complications
  5. High-Risk Factors for Substance Abuse
  6. Myths and Misconceptions
  7. Cultural and Social Factors
  8. Behavioral Factors
  9. Effects of Substance Abuse on the Family
  10. Co-Dependency
  11. Intervention
  12. Treatment of Substance Abuse
  13. Recovery
  14. Relapse

The Chemical Dependency Care Package


References and Bibliography

1993 National Household Survey on Substance Abuse

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