Form Your Own Nevada Corporation
Save on State Taxes and Be Judgment Proof

Ever since I wrote the Lawsuit and Asset Protection Kit people have been asking me about the benefits of a Nevada corporation and how they can actually form one. A corporation in itself is a major asset-protection and tax-saving device and is used by businessmen and investors, but a Nevada corporation goes several steps further in conferring these benefits. It would be a folly not to investigate and take advantage of Nevada corporation statutes in your overall asset protection strategies.

Most people who incorporate do so for one or more of the following reasons: shielding their personal assets from liability; tax benefits; personal and financial privacy; and flexibility in management and control. Although you can get these benefits in some degree in any state, Nevada surpasses them all. Nevada has laid out a welcome mat for businesses and investors.

A New York City cab company has formed 50 Nevada corporations, one for every two vehicles in its 100-taxi fleet, thereby limiting its exposure to the value of two vehicles at the maximum. Many ski resorts employ the same strategy: a separate Nevada corporation is formed for each ski lift, lodge and snack bar. People with real estate holdings, such as rental properties and apartment buildings, do the same; limit their liability by setting up multiple corporations. This strategy not only works, but is very easy to implement.

So what are the specific advantages of incorporating in Nevada?

First, Nevada is one of only four states with no corporate income tax. Contrast that with California, for instance, which has a state corporate tax of $800 per year. Arizona has a tax of 9.3 percent and New York weighs in with 9 percent and a minimum of $800 per year. (New York City imposes an additional 8.85 percent corporate tax.) Even Delaware has a corporate tax of 8.7 percent.

More important than tax savings, Nevada offers something that every businessman and investor craves, which is privacy. Privacy is the best insurance you can buy against lawsuits: the less people know about your assets, the better off you are. It is no coincidence that people without significant assets do not get sued nearly as often as those who are perceived as having "deep pockets."

It is for this reason than no other that you should consider forming a Nevada corporation. Nevada gives you the anonymity that no other state offers. You and your assets can stay hidden from the prying hands of an attorney with a glint in his eyes. This attorney isn't going to get any help from the state. If you know the law and learn to take advantage of it to structure your affairs, it can be virtually impossible to uncover your ownership in a Nevada corporation or its assets. .

I could go on and on, telling you about other benefits that a Nevada corporation offers you, such as liability protection, extremely limited disclosure requirements, prohibition against information sharing with the IRS and a great deal of flexibility in managing and controlling your business in Nevada.

But what I've done is put together a Form Your Own Nevada Corporation Kit that lays out step-by-step your entire strategy of forming a Nevada corporation and taking advantage of its laws to protect your hard-earned assets from vexatious litigants, judgment creditors, gold-digging attorneys and overzealous taxmen. If you have spent a lifetime accumulating your nest egg, you should spend a few hours devising a way to protect it. The Kit includes forms and instructions you need to set up your Nevada corporation and keeping it in full compliance with properly-prepared articles of incorporation, bylaws, and minutes and resolutions of the directors' meetings.

And as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you feel the Kit isn't for you, simply return it for a full refund. Act now before it's too late.

P.S. Nevada corporation could be the ultimate weapon in your asset protection armor. Most attorneys would charge hundreds of dollars to set up a Nevada corporation, something you can do entirely on your own for only a fraction of the price. And believe me, they won t tell you the strategies I've revealed in this Kit to make yourself judgment proof.