Nature's Remedies

Can you use fruits, vegetables, herbs and vitamins to get relief from more than common ailments?

Did you know that a few simple foods you can buy from your local supermarket can save you form life-threatening heart surgery?

Enlightened doctors are now “prescribing” foods–not drugs–to help their patients live longer, more active and pain-free lives.

Amazing results from fruits, vegetables and herbs: Treat high blood pressure, backache, and occasional migraines. Get relief from rheumatism, joint stiffness, muscle paralysis, lower back pain and arthritis–like symptoms. Intestinal and digestive problems-gas, constipation and stomach ulcers–disappear. Cure gingivitis and inflammation of the gums. The list goes on.

Let “Mother Nature” guide you to health! Find 177 secrets to miraculous self-healing and avoid unnecessary tests, medical procedures, debilitating drugs and costly surgeries! Now you have a choice between toxic drugs and nature’s cures.

What you need to do is strengthen your immune system and have it ready to deliver its mighty power to conquer an invading illness. By working with nature, you can prevent, even cure, most dreaded diseases, regain your health, energy, longevity and zest for life. It is all within your reach once you understand the ways of nature.

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