The Family Legal Adviser

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1683 ways for you to protect yourself, your family, and your assets. Over 794 legal problems, personal and business, written in clear, easy-to understand language in one handy volume. Now you can have answers at your fingertips on scores of subjects that can make you money and protect your hard-earned assets.
  • The Law of Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Separation and Annulment
  • Children
  • Father and Husband
  • Wife and Mother
  • Citizenship
  • Immigration and Aliens
  • Your Civil Rights
  • How To Make a Will
  • Death Without a Will
  • Common Legal Problems of Death -Gifts
  • The Mentally Ill and The Law
  • The Law of Libel and Slander
  • Real Estate
  • Your Personal Property Rights
  • Lost Property
  • Loans, Lenders and Credit
  • Animals
  • Names
  • Your Rights and Remedies Under Your Lease
  • What You Should Know About Insurance
  • Motor Vehicles, Drivers, and Related Matters
  • Criminal Law
  • Sports and Other Events
  • You and Your Federal Government
  • Travel
  • Dictionary of Common Legal Terms

The Family Legal Advisor is your indispensable guide to protecting and asserting your rights and remedies under the law. 496-page, step-by-step manual to all the common legal problems. Chock-full of actual court cases. Worth thousands of dollars in legal advice.

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