Pediatric Nursing

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" I thought the textbook was great. It was outlined and in a very easy-to-read format. This book will be a great resource book to have around."  -  K.S., Dallas, TX

" Exceptional course - better text than the pediatric textbook in nursing school!!! This book will be a great addition to my reference library. I have strongly recommended this course to all my co-workers."  -  C.N., Corpus Christi, TX

"I was very impressed at the amount of useful information you have included in your work book. Everything was concise and useful, especially your charts!"  -  L.H., Boston, MA

"I chose this course to help expand my knowledge in hopes of becoming a school nurse. Very informative and helpful." - K.M., RN, NV

"Good course. I needed a refreshment as I've been out of pediatric nursing for 20 years."  - S.A., RN, TX

"This course really helped me refresh my skills and I learned a lot I had never learned before."  - M.G., LVN, CA



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