Nurse's Drug Handbook

Learning Objectives: 

  1. The nursing professional will learn essential facts about drugs, free of drug company bias and medical jargon.
  2. Learn generic and trade names, pregnancy risk category, mechanism of action
  3. Indications, interactions and adverse reactions by body system
  4. Compare drug with similar clinical uses
  5. Learn proper drug administration

Specific Behavioral Objectives:
At the conclusion of this course, you’ll select 30 different drugs used in clinical practice from the Nursing Drug Handbook. For each selected drug, you will:

· List the drug by its generic and trade name

· Describe the drug’s mechanism of action, indications and dosage

· List the drug’s adverse reaction and interactions

· Describe any important nursing considerations while administering the drug. This would include any contraindications, special precautions, observation of the patient, prevention of any side effects and safe administration of the drug.



"I found the outline form very effective in learning about the various drugs." - J.F.D., RN, CA

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