Learning Objectives

1. Master the equivalents in the metric, apothecaries, and household systems.
2. Read drug labels proficiently.
3. Calculate oral medication and injectable liquid dosages.
4. Administer drugs measured in units.
5. Prepare drugs packaged as powders and tablets.
6. Administer intravenous medications.

Course Contents

1. Review of Arithmetic
2. Using the Metric System
3. Using Household Measurements
4. Mastering Equivalents
5. Reading Drug Labels
6. Calculating Oral Medication Dosage
7. Selecting a Syringe for Parenteral Injections
8. Calculating Injectable Liquid Dosage
9. Administering Drugs Measured in Units
10. Preparing Drugs Packaged as Powders and Tablets
11. Mixing Parenteral Medications
12. Preparing Solutions
13. Administering Intravenous Medications
14. Medications for Infants and Children
Post Test Comprehensive Self-Examination


"Comprehensive and thorough course. The grss dosage was completely new to me, as we don't use that here in the U.K., but found it very interesting and definitely a worthwhile course to do. I would like to see courses on: Anaesthetic nursing, Infectious diseases, more drug calculations."  - A.C., RN, CA



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