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The educational programs of Homestead Schools, Inc. dba Homestead CEUs are administered by Mr. Vijay Fadia who also is the founder and president of the corporation. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Fadia has started and successfully operated numerous business ventures since 1982 and in the last 11 years Homestead Schools has become a leading publisher and provider of educational material on a nationwide basis. Mr. Fadia has authored and/or published over 200 books, a vast majority of them distance learning courses in many diverse subject areas such as nursing, dentistry, social work, counseling, real estate, law, trusts and estate planning, personal finance and traffic safety.

Some 750,000 copies of these books have been sold nationally over the years and they have received critical acclaim from the press, libraries and professional communities.

Mr. Fadia has a great deal of facility in written communication. He reads, researches and absorbs a vast amount of information on varied subjects, selects and organizes the material to suit the needs of the intended audience, and writes and presents the matter for effective use by the reader.

The success of various enterprises initiated by Mr. Fadia can be attributed to his business acumen, marketing skills and financial expertise. Under his leadership these businesses have grown and prospered to become leading contenders in their respective fields.


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